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Greetings Movie Lovers...and Collectors

What is it about those 50 Movie Box-Set Collections that has us all running for our cheque books!

Is it the vast selection of Rare Horror Movies and Cult Classics films that these little DVD goldmines hold?

Is it the fact that most of these 50 Pack Movie Collections work out at around 30p per movie...

Or maybe its the feeling you remember when you get your hands on one of these sets and stare goggle eyed at the sheer selection of movies that you know you would like and the many more you been wanting to collect for a long time. Wether you're a collector or even just a movie buff there surely is something for everyone to be had from these economical little DVD packages.

I myself will never forget the first time I picked up one of these collections at a car boot sale. A bright Saturday morning and I had driven for an hour to get to this thronging venue of eager and very excited Saturday Morning Bargain Hunters . As with a lot of people at car boot sales I was there only to browse and with nothing particular in mind to purchase I set about the various market stalls in the hope of finding that little diamond buy that was worthy of a grand opening of even my old crumpled wallet!

Eventually I found myself standing at Jenny and Ricks DVD stall...here I always seemed to find something that could earn its way into my ever growing and increasingly diverse movie collection. A bit more crowded this morning than usual I was nonetheless still as determined to make my way to the front of the bustling swarm of movie fanatics and collectors to where I knew I would find and claim my prize. What and where it was on that stall I didn't know yet, but that it was indeed there I was positively 100% sure.

50 CHILLING CLASSICS!...immediately on reaching the front of the crowd I saw it!  Another guy was moving towards it so I lunged forward and grabbed it just in time..." theres probably another one mate if you look around " I half apologised to him as he sunk his hands into his pockets and turned away in sunken defeat. I quickly scanned the front to find movies highlighted were 'HORROR EXPRESS', 'THE DEMON', 'REVENGE OF DOCTOR X',  'CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD', 'THE SNAKE PEOPLE', 'SISTERS OF DEATH' and more! I almost cried out in excitement as at least 4 of these movies I had been wanting to find for a very long time...and I hadn't even turned the pack over yet to look at the whole 50 MOVIE PACK COLLECTION!


'Thats a Tenner mate' the stall owner barked over the ever increasing noise of  the steadily growing crowd..."and thats no problem at all mate" I almost shouted back as I quickly retrieved my wallet from my pocket and pulled out a ten pound note. Here I was purchasing my very first 50 Movie Pack and before I knew it I was back in my parked car and saying things out loud like 'Yeah I would definitely watch that' and 'Oh My God I've been looking for that for  ages!'. I was hooked....over the next few months I collected more of these movie packs with titles like '50 SCI-FI CLASSICS', '50 HORROR CLASSICS', '50 DARK CRIMES', '50 WAR CLASSICS' '50 COMEDY CLASSICS' etc and more.

I now sell these in my Ebay Store MovieMint DVDs and Movies and wasn't too surprised to find that a lot of people love these collections and like me will snap them up immediately upon finding them because at the price they do work out at around 30p per movie and you're sure to find something in there you would like.                                                                                    



A few tips when buying these box sets:

1. Check the Ebay Sellers feedback to view purchases from buyers to get a feel for the customer satisfaction for the product. Negative feedback is a red flag no matter how many positives there are.

2. Beware of others selling more expensive versions with extravagant claims of theirs being more superior than the rest...these sellers listings' almost always try to run down their competitors because they can't compete wih their lower prices. Trust me the movies in the boxsets are all exactly the same no matter what the extravagant claim. So of course you would want the best bargain and thats always the least exspensive and therefore the best buy. Often the more expensive versions are poor 'Homemade Copies' so the extravagant claims then count for nothing.

3. Always look for sellers who are customer service motivated and won't just want your money but who provide a decent after sales service and genuinely care about their buyers and the products on sale.

4. Look for a decent Logo in an Ebay Store (not just an old picture ripped off the internet...that any old fish can do) as this usually means the sellers have a professional attitude in their business.

5. Get a good supply of popcorn, crisps, chocolate a 'Do Not Disturb' sign and get ready for a Mega Movie Marathon Weekend!

But most of all Enjoy! 

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