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Dear All


We havent been with Ebay & Paypal for very long now about three years, and although we still buy the odd item herer and there in general we were nolt happy with Ebay .

You buy an item , and later maybe you wishes to ask Ebay a question about somehthing ...if that is so ...then forget it .   They offer you automated set questions to which get answered in their own time with all different members of staff , and to our experiance they are always so far behind  because they use part time people (Students ) who come and go hence your querstion requested today as and when ...when they think they get around answering your question and more likely than not it has no relev ance to the question you originally asked .


Paypal is so different , and to our experiance again are really on the ball to the point on one occasion we even spoke to a real live member of staff who advised us on our query .

Points out of ten for both Ebay & Paypal are as follows ;

Ebay 3/10     Paypal  9/10

We bought an itme for one of our Wards and Ebay kept saying that our card was out of date ...when it wasnt  ...becasue Paypal was up to date had taken the trouble to send us an email to which all our purchases went through with ease...whereas Ebay just kept sedning the same out of date information saying 'Card out of Date' ...they didnt even send us an email asking is their information right or wrong .

They were satisfied to just keep sending their out of date messages ...hence a lot of my sellers now ask us to deal with them direct ...we do , and no thanks to Ebay .

Someone from Ebay should pick up on nopur experiances and put them right by contacting us

Ebay not very good part time staff have no long term commintment and couldnt care less ...where as Paypal seem to be a much different kettle of fish , and more dedicated ..


Thank You


Dr John Francis FRCS

Terminal Ward Warwick     (653 Squadron)   

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