Over estimating the value of a mobile phone.

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I am dismayed at the price people are bidding on mobile phones through Ebay. I have been looking for a cheap mobile phone, and after looking on specific mobile phone websites such as (carphonewarehouse .com) i decided to purchase a Motorola W220 which is being sold on the Car Phone Warehouse website at a retail price of £29.99 when bought with a £10 air-time voucher. I decided that this phone is stylish but very good value for money. I decided to do a search on ebay to see if i could get this phone any cheaper second hand.

I was so shocked to see that people had bid up to £50 for this phone in a second hand condition, when they could easily buy it BRAND NEW from the Car Phone Warehouse for just £29.99. I even saw an Ebay shop selling this phone for a Buy It Now price of £90. How on earth can that sort of price be justified for consumers.

Please do your research before bidding on a phone. Check out reviews of phones, and especially find out how much they are selling for on other websites.Price comparison sites are really useful, especially the Froogal section of Google (go to google .co .uk type in the item you wish to compare, and click on Froogal above the search window) If you don't, you could well be ripping yourself off!!

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