Overclocking CPU For All Core2Duo

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I bought an e2160 just to try overclocking. It's cheap fun. Just google e2160 overclock and read as much as you can. I have been lucky and run at 3ghz 24/7- but as 2.7 is a 50% overclock (fsb 333) I would have been happy with that.
My bits Case generic £10 +2 80mm fans £2  PSU Tagen 430w  CPU cooler Akasa 965  M/board Asus P5b  Memory Geil 6400  Zotac 8800gt amp.
All bits were bought on special offers or Ebay.  Temps are 43 idle 65 load.

I used Rivatuner to set the graphics card fan speed to 100% and stuck an extra 40 mhz on its core,and set the fsb to 380. Bingo! 3d mark 06 at 12655,and you can boil water on it for tea as well. And noise levels are just fine( as I'm over 50 and a bit deaf).

As you will read  going from 1,8ghz to 2.7 is a very noticeable improvement in every task your computer does and should only involve upping the FSB..Using the heatsink the CPU came with. Read about stability testing  so you can be confident it won't play up at a vital moment! As there is lots of stuff on the net about it you will not be "Boldly going where no one else has" , you will just be ambling down a well trodden path.
Reduction of CPU life
Maybe-but by the time it dies it won't be worth two bob anyway,Check the value of a 3 year old processor on Ebay.

Read the reviews and the howtos and have fun.
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