Overseas Posting Warning

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Beware of buyers for electrical goods especially mobile phones. The scam they use is to buy from you, then after successful bidding ask for you to send the item abroad (often Nigeria). They will then offer to pay the extra postage. You then recieve a spoof email from Paypal stating that they are holding the funds until they recieve a tracking number from you showing proof of postage. The email is very convincing, do not believe it, Paypal will not send such a email asking about money or discussing money transfers. Do all your Paypal transactions from insisde your Paypal Account. Unfortunately I got stung for £80 I did however block the phone worldwide, but I suspect that this can be worked around. My daughter tried to sell a phone last week and this scam came up again, she did not fall for it though. She re-listed and another ebayer tried exactly the same scam. it shows there a lot of them out there so beware.
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