Ozone Imp 1.5m - two line power kite flown on bar

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The Imp is Ozones entry level two line kite.  Ideal for beginners or younger flyers, but still built without compromise to the highest of standards.


Functional - The Imp is supplied in a simple ripstop drawstring bag in colours matching the kite matching colours.  The bag has a little loop on the top which is handy for staking down the bag and marking the position of your groundstake.

The Kite:

This is a great kite, despite been at the budget end of the range, the build quality and attention to detail is fantastic.  Nice reinforcing on the leading edge, velcro tie to keep the bridles tidy when packing awy - all features you would expect from a quality kite. 

The build quality is standard Ozone, so I won’t go into details. Sufficed to say, if you break it then you have been doing something very seriously wrong. I have hammered it nose first into the ground in 30mph winds, to be rewarded with a sound not unlike a balloon bursting, but the kite was absolutely fine.


The kite is intended for beginners so it is predictable and easy to fly.  It is quite quick across the wind window, and can easily trun 108 degrees within its own wingspan.  Complete beginners with have to develop quick reflexes fast if they are to avoid smashing the kite into the ground (and the possible "walk of shame" that results).  Lucky the Imp is built to absorb such rough handeling.

My 10 year old son loves this kite, however its not a toy.  Anything beyond 20mph and the kite is quite capable of uprooting him.  I bought the version with the Ozone bar, and am glad I did.  its quality is excellent, and the lenght of the bar tends to limit the usual beginners mistake of "over control", hence my son has learn't quickly.  Its a great youngsters kite, but  I have also given the kite to experienced kiteATBers and stunt fliers and they have instantly taken a shine to it. It seems that this is a kite for all people, and its charm is apparent to all that fly it.

The Kite will fly well from about 8mph and give easily (beginner style) manageable pull until about 20mph. Above this things become slightly more interesting, it is possible to scud or board with this kite in higher winds. . 

The only drawback is that being a 2-line, the Imp has no ground handling what so ever.  A helper is always useful with 2-line kites, but I have found that they are not essential with the Imp.


The Imp is definitely value for money. You are getting a bombproof, Ozone quality storm kite, something to teach the kids/friends/etc and something to njoy in higher winds. 

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