Ozone Power Kite Buying Guide

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Ozone Power Kite Buying Guide

Ozone power kites, also referred to as traction kites, are large in size and designed to power kite buggies, surfboards, snowboards, and mountain boards at high speeds. They are constructed of high performance fabric and supported by control lines, which manoeuvre the kite with a high degree of controllability and determine the amount of generated power, or pull. Choosing the right power kite is essential for a safe and enjoyable kiting experience.


Two Line Power Kites

Two line Ozone power kites feature two control lines: left and right. Pulling the left line directs the kite to the left and vice versa. When left in a neutral position, the kite continues on its current path. Generally speaking, two line kites suit novice flyers who are still grasping basic handling skills.


Four Line Power Kites

Four line power kites haves four lines, the two additional power kite lines act as brakes to slow the kite down. They offer increased control over the kite. Unlike two line kites, flyers can easily launch and land these kites without the need for a second helper.



Novice flyers should opt for a smaller Ozone power kite between 3 and 4 m in size. They can easily control 3 and 4 m power kites in a wide range of winds. On the other hand, more experienced flyers often prefer the increased power and torque larger kites generate. Larger kites lift more and travel slower. In general, consider wind condition; the stronger the wind, the smaller the kite you need. Conversely, the calmer the wind, the larger the needed kite.


Handles or Bar

Amateurs should choose Ozone models with power kite handles, which are found on most entry to intermediate level Ozone kites. Allowing for increased control over the standard bar, these grips can be used in conjunction with kite killers for added safety. Design and length tends to vary slightly between Ozone models. For increased comfort, look for ones with a foam grip. On the other hand, power kite bars suit experienced fliers, and those who participate in kite sports, such as kitesurfing and landboarding often prefer them.


Kite Killers

Velcro bracelets designed to fit over the flyer's wrist, kite killers are connected to the handles' brake lines. Should you accidently let go of the kite, the kite killers enact the kite's brake lines and immediately power down the kite; thus, preventing it from flying away or becoming a hazard to others.

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