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Hi every one I have just bought this brilliant printer and I wanted to spread the word on it just incase there are others of you out there looking for this type of printer but like me had no idea which one to buy firstly the main great features this printer has that were the deciding factor to me buying it are:

  • Memory cards reader so that you can just pop in your card from any cam or phone and print the pics u have straight off with out needing to go through or even be plugged into a pc


  • A good sized lcd screen so that you can preview the pictures befor printing also allowing you to do cool things like zooming in or re-sizing / crop the pic, deal with red eye and just about all the things you would do with a good photo suite package on a pc but again with out having to go through the pc to do it if you dont want to or cant ( it also allows you to do all this on items you scan onto the printer as well).


  • A photo paper loading tool what i mean by that is that if u want to print what i call photo sized pictures I.E 4x6 size you would on any other printer have to be very carefully to get the paper in just right as you would normal feed it in the same way as the a4 sized paper and run the risk of not getting it quite right and having to mess about trying to line it up. On this printer all you do is remove the special designed loading cartridge from the clever storage compartment on the side of the printer load upto 20 sheets of photo paper and slide into the paper feed tray, it wil lock into place leaving you free to go off and do something else whilst it happily prints of your pics for you with no fuss.


  • The printer also has stand alone copying and scan alter/resize and reprint facilities and all the usually printer capabilities you would need with printing from your pc too.


  • The quality and and colours f the prints you do on this printer are amazing you would think they had been done at a photo lab (providing you use good quality photo paper) and even if you dont want to buy expensive paper you can still get very high quality photo reprints.

All in all this is a brilliant printer and it is not expensive the rrp i beleive is about £99.99 but most retailers and ebayers are selling it for half that at the moment i paid £49.99 brand new and I think that it is an absolute bargain even at the full price.

The beauty of this printer and i think the deciding factor for many people would be the simplicity to use for example if you have say a grandparent who is not that comfortable with computers and newer technology but had a digital camera to take pictures of their cherished grand children and wants to print of their own photos then this would be ideal for them as it has large clearly labeled buttons so you can easily find the one you want and it helps you through every feature telling you what to do next it is simplicity itself and you can literally have photos at the touch of just 1 button no complicated setting up or loading.

Well i hope this helps you if you are on the hunt for a good quality  affordable simple to use printer.




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