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Paper jams are common on most laser printers. Because Laser printers use heat to fuse the toner from the toner cartridge onto the paper,  they seem to foul up more than inkjet printers in this respect. Type of paper is important, if you experience frequent paper jams, try changing the brand or quality of paper. Paper jams are also common when the paper drawer is almost empty & the printer picks up more than one sheet of paper.

If you find that you have a paper jam, usually the warning light will ebe flashing & the printer will not accept any print jobs.

 Here are a few tips:

It is important to remove all jammed pieces of paper with extreme care.
Pulling at sheets may cause pieces of the paper to tear and stay in the printer, causing further jams. Paper is very abrasive and incorrectly removing paper that is in contact with the process unit or drum may damage its surface.
Once the error is cleared, the printer should automatically warm up and resume printing. It may reprint the jammed page, but this will depend on where the jam occurred.
If  jams occur frequently, try cleaning the printer and changing the paper as it may have become damp.

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