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So you read the description and think wow, a lifechanging opportunity. WRONG, coming from somebody who bought it.

im not a psychologist but i do know when i get such a fake 'oh my gosh im so sorry i had no idea' reply, after i voiced my opinion on how outdates,broken, and not working the thing was

after you open it. you get a number of options.

Start here- little introduction

wholesalers-broken links, very old, not cheap.

ebay in your pyjamas-info about ebay- old and outdated

make money online- those silly never working earn money from home

bonus- come on. u can download these for free and they are old too.

Sucess kit- the main thing. starting off talking about getting feedback quick on ebay, which you have to pay for, and nowdays more as ebay rules have changed! first part just rubbish about creating ebay account. like we all know! then goes on about e-commerce, it doesent actualy tell you what it is. it seems more like advertising a specific company, then goes on.. to dropshippers, ok its a complete joke by now, from your knowdlege on ebay you can tell already things are not as they are written.

ok to sum it up. a package that is old, it dosent work, any people who profited would of done years ago on ebay, now rules are changed.  the sellers fully know this, how could they not when they try to put auctions u can see its different from whats in the success kit.

dont waste your money on this. even if it was a dollar/pound it is useless. just getting your hopes on. and the worst part is you could actually fall for this joke and loose your money if you try to make it work!.



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