PARCEL2GO.......................... NO NO NO

Like if this guide is helpful
dont do it...
last year i sent an item by p2g (hermes), low and behold £100 worth of damage done to the item, it was a sturdt item and was well packed, so i can only assume they were playing rugby with it or throwing it up a wall.
i came to the conclusion that this was a one off!
So 2 weeks ago i used them again for a delivery to scotland, they collected it a day late1 its a good job i was recovering at home from an operation or that would have meant someone waiting about for 2 days?
ANYWAY.... the item has now "GONE MISSING"  no sign of it anywhere?   this could be called THEFT,
never again. be very careful with these imbeciles. the police will be notfied in due course.
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