PARFUM Vs EDT& EDP --MISELLING BeAware Of Differences

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Ebay buyers have a real problem in the Listing terms used in the Fragrances section

I would prefer better clarification - the Term Fragrance - could be used for all products -

  but  the wording and description PARFUM should be used sparingly  OR NOT AT ALL UNLESS IT IS TRUE GENUINE PARFUM ESSENCE the word Perfumethe  to english means a smell.

Some sellers list their items as a "Perfume Fragrance" or a "EDT Perfume" There is no such animal Its either PARFUM or not

All very confusing for the purchaser.

 In fact -Eau - The French literally means Water    so that should explain a lot?  EAU De Toilette - Eau De Parfum!!   EDT and EDP are therefore watered down or diluted versions of  the Concentrated PARFUM

PARFUM  vs EDT - EDP = HERE are the basic Differences for you to consider when purchasing

The difference is the AMOUNT of natural Oils used in the fragrance.

The Highest is in PARFUM, then Eau de Parfum then Eau de Toilette.

The amount of the oil the longer it will last also affects the Price...Perfume should be the most expensive, then EDP and then EDT  as the latter two have higher levels of synthetics less natural oils and last less time than a PARFUM...Perfume.

Therefore the  Lightness,Texture and colour can be affected too.  True PARFUM is always darker unless colourants have been added to EDT or EDP versions

EDT  is the lightest..and lasts the least amount of timecan be quite tangy, it all depends on your own personal body chemistry reacting with the synthetics and other additions, thats why testers are around.  

EAU DE PARFUM... Literally Water of  Parfum. Ok its NOT the Full Monty but its still less expensive than Unaulterated Parfum

PARFUM /Perfume can really stain clothes with the amount of oils in it so be careful where it goes.  Perfume can last SIX hours or more

Handy Tip

You can always buy the smallest bottle of the expensive true Parfum & use the EDT/ EDP to refresh the scented area later on.  It makes the bottle of Parfum last a lot longer. Little tip from the Givenchy lady


Cool, Dry AWAY from Direct sunlight.  Needless to say keep the cap on at all times. 

 BEWARE even Parfum will go 'off ' after lengthy storage and lose some of its strength. 

 IE Amarige ceased manufacture OF PARFUM Autumn 2005

so what is now available AND SOLD AS GENUINE PARFUM is AT least two year old? EDT is still manufactured


These are made to Promote the fragrance at the High street Parfumery Counters so you can try before you buy. Its the opportunity for you to get to KNOW what the genuine article smells like - at the  Manufacturers counter.

- Because these are usually small bottles some come without a box or a sealed cap.  They can therefore be easily "refilled" !  Buyer beware


Its safest to Buy where ever possible UNUSED and BOXED sealed products.

check check check    Know the  fragrance you want to buy, do some research on it. What sizes have been brought out for the various qualities.

 What does the packing look like  are there any special seals for any one year of production.

Always remember to ask questions of the seller - a PARFUM should always be  more expensive than an EDT or EDP thats a handy clue.

and lastly ....If in doubt leave it out  and make a report to EBAY


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