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OK so Paypal is a convenient (well, ish) way of paying for stuff on Ebay and also for receiving payment. I won't mention the issues of fees this time, as something else concerns me.

I've discovered that if there is a problem with a Paypal transaction you will need A) a lot of time, B) a lot of patience, and C) a sedative when you realise you're wasting your time getting nowhere. Their website is a complete nightmare to navigate (mainly because there aren't enough of options that are actually helpful) and if you decide to phone them instead, it'll cost you money and you'll get even more frustrated than you did before. It would seem that if you're a seller with a payment problem then Paypal will come down on the side of the erroneous buyer, and if you're a buyer then Paypal take the seller's side (or that's how it seems: they don't seem to keen to back YOU up when you have a problem with the other guy).

A buyer recently paid for something via Paypal, left feedback on Ebay to say he'd received the goods, and then ten days later reversed the payment, which is fraudulent, surely?  Get the goods, don't pay for them, in effect.  In this instance it's not a lot of money but it's the principal that counts. Some toe-rag (probably because he's a brain-donor who can't or won't hold down a job because he's too thick even for McDonalds to employ as a sweeper-up) decides to fleece an honest seller and then we have to waste our time trying to get Ebay and Paypal to do the decent thing and look after us, who pay their fees. Doesn't seem right, don't you think?

Anyway.. it's just something to think about. You've been warned.


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