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This is a guide for everyone to use, it is to help protect yourselves from a paypal con that is going around.

Last Year i bought a expensive watch which cost me £290. I waited patiencely for over 4 weeks without any goods. I sent numerous emails and got no response. I finally grew impatience with the seller and filed a complaint.

I had to wait another 7 days before i could do anything else as ebay had to wait for their reponse. No reponse came. So onto paypal.

It was stated on his/her paypal that he is a verfied paypal account holder. Therefore buyers are protected for upto £500 if anything happens.

But when it came to claiming my £290 back, i was stunned as they said they couldnt give me anything. Due to policy they cannot withdraw funds from their clients bank account without their permission!!!

They can only give me the funds that were in his paypal account. But as it had been 4 weeks waiting for the good he/she had already withdrawn the moeny to their bank account. Therefore i was robbed and couldnt claim anything.

So this is saying you can  sell something for example something that is worth £455. They can then withdraw the funds into their bank account while they say it is being delivered. When it is in their bank account you can do nothing about it. So they are £455 richer and scott free.

So this comes to my conclusion that you are not automatically protected for upto £500 as paypal so claim.

I have devised some advice to help protect yourselve from this ploy. This is only advice and in no way fool proof.

  1. Check Feedback rating. Always ensure they have a moderate rating, i.e 25+. If they only have a rating of 0-3 then you need to ask questions to prove they say who they are.
  2. Ensure that their positive feedback rating is high as well. You should be looking at around 98% or above. If it is below this, go through their feedback looking at the negatives and see why.
  3. Just have a good look at their auction, if it is very simple and looks like it has just been made in 2mins, it propbably has. This coupled with say poor feedback rating playing with fire. As it is more than likely to be a scam.
  4. The best way i recommend is that you Place a credit card on your paypal. This way, if any fraud does happen, you can make a claim against your bank. They will in turn make a chargeback to paypal. So you dont lose out.
  5. Alternatively, someone can make a chrageback against you if you are selling. Keep all postal reciepts and tracking number slips. Because this has also happened to me before. You WILL be required to send paypal the documents to prove you did post something. This will avoid any chargeback taking place and you losing out.
  6. Ask any questions you have reservations about before you buy any goods. This is all to common with many new ebayers.
  7. Ensure they have VALID postal address you can contact them with. It is all too easy to forge an address.
  8. Ensure That they offer a tracking number with your order. Also that you get this tracking number within a day of it being posted.

Remember, if a auction looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you have any experience of fraud or anything you want to share to make this guide better, please just contact me and i will take your suggestion/advice seriously to improve to this guide. Many Thanks.

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