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Today when I sold my item off to Peter Wheatley he brought the item for £47.09GBP, he did not wanted the item so I gave him back £46.83GBP, now he con me for anothe £7.09GBP, he keep's asking me for money on Ebay, like he's promising to returned the item, but Mr. Greedy wants more Money Ebay Member pete2962.

Can you trust someone like that who want's to con Ebay Members out of there Money, the next time I will not going to trust no one on Ebay.

I hope something could be done about these Ebay Members, I have ask him to close the Dispute and he does not listen, he's also threathen me with a Negative Feedback a serious threat is this bloke insane, or is his total mad, I hope Ebay can sort something out against the buyer Ebay Member pete2962.

Is just like having a insane member on the website.



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