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I've read all the guides by people who have suffered at the hands of the scammers best friends Paypal and Ebay. I guess there will be plenty of Ebay users who will read them and think that it's all rubbish, that is because it's never happened to them!
I've just been a victim of theft (That's all it is theft, Paypal and Ebay call it a claim refund!) due to a fraudulent bidder.
I know the bidder was fraudulent Ebay sent me an email and told me so after the event of course! So when the scammer claimed they never received the item I sent, 8 weeks later! Paypal sent me an email stating all the details and asked for proof of postage which I sent straight away.
Now the proof I sent is the official receipt I request from the Royal Mail every time I send an item, which the Royal Mail tells me is firm proof from them that the item was without doubt posted! I emailed Paypal asking them to provide me with proof that the item wasn't received  buy the buyer, my reply was silence. Even after many, many emails trying to get a full explanation (Not a ready made reply!) I've still had no explanation which to me  says they haven't got one, so  their policy is to ignore me and hope I just pay up and go away.
I won't go away as I think I deserve better service than this! I have a clean history with Ebay and Paypal both of which I've been with for 3 years. I've always played by their rules so I deserve to be treated better.
It looks like it's so easy to buy goods from Ebay pay for them wait untill they arrive then stick a claim into Paypal claiming that the goods never arrived. This appears to be what is happening and both Ebay and Paypal are making it so easy for the scammers to pull it off.
Unless they can prove otherwise?

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