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I write this review with absolute outrage at the way Paypal treat it's customers, whilst you are making your purchases from Ebay and everything is fine with no problems then Payapl is OK, but BEWARE.

I recently purchased an item from Ebay and paid with funds direct from my bank account, so no worries there. The day after I paid for my purchase an email arrived from the Seller to say the item was out of stock and he gave me a refund.

When I checked my Payapal account it said "on tempory hold" so I rang Paypal and asked what was happening, an American guy answered the phone and told me it was going to take 5-9 working days (so up to 2 weeks) for the money to get from my bank account to Paypal, when the money does arrive at Paypal they will keep the money and add it to my Paypal funds, I told the telephone operator I did not want the money to be put into my Paypal account I just wanted it to go back to my Lloyds Bank Account where it had come from, he told me ok Maam that can be done you will need to request the money from Paypal which will take 5-7 working days.

So in summary I paid for a item from my bank account Paypal will refund me approximately 4 weeks later.

Paypal are not interested in refunding my money, they like all other banks care only about keeping my money for as long as possible to gain interest.

I spoke to the Financial Ombudsman who told me there is nothing they can do, I could of course make an offical complaint but that could take months.

So be warned if you pay for an item via Paypal and it is OUT OF STOCK at the suppliers be prepared to wait 4 weeks before you get your money back.

Despite all the hype Paypal give you about their service they are no different to any other Banking Organisation, and look what a mess Banks and Bankers have done, landed the world into a worldwide recession.

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