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Two weeks ago I received an email from someone named Francisco Cortez enquiring if I could bulk repair one hundred laptops twice a month and ship them to Puerto Rico, to which I replied that I could. Then I received another email from him explaining that his buyers were in the process of purchasing the laptops in Europe and when the deal was done they would send the payment for the laptops to me and I would forward the payment to the sellers and the laptops would be delivered to me for repair. Sure enough $10,000 was deposited in to my PayPal account. A few days later Francisco contacted me again and explained the deal had been made and could I send payment to the sellers in Poland and the laptops will be shipped to me, so I done a bank transfer from my bank to them.

I never heard back from Francisco for two weeks, until I received an email from PayPal for a chargeback. I had a look at the details of the chargeback and it was for goods not received. I emailed the person (Brian Meyers from Reliant Technology) and asked what the chargeback was for and he emailed back with :-

"I purchased a NetApp package a few weeks weeks ago from a Francisco Cortez with High Telecom. The paypal info we received was xxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.DOTCOM, Its been some time and the equipment never arrived. Are you familiar with this package or Francisco at all?"

I replied back explaining my dealings with Francisco Cortez and that I think we have been victims of an international fraud, of which he replied:-

"I forwarded this email to my controller/finance department.".

In the meantime I went to the police at Etal Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne to explain what has happened, they didn't want to know and just gave me a leaflet to contact an online fraud website of which I did - just to get a crime number.

I rang PayPal and explained the circumstances - they didn't want to know and said I have to pay the refund back, thanks PayPal.

It beggars belief that fraud is so easily accepted or ignored by the very protection barriers we all think we are behind, no wonder it is rife online and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, I personally will never do business with any other country other than the UK.

So watch out folks for FRANCISCO CORTEZ from High Tech Telecomtechnology - SCAM ARTIST from Puerto Rico!!

LATEST UPDATE 17/03/2014

I also believe Francisco Cortez is an alias for Michael Smart (Ironically).

LATEST UPDATE 18/03/2014

I have been informed by another local computer company that "Francisco Cortez" has continued to try and scam them even after they scammed ourselves, heads up computer repair companies in the North East or anywhere else in the UK for that matters, thanks Grahame.

LATEST UPDATE 24/03/2014

Received a phone call from Elliot at IT Solutions:-

"Hi Matthew, it's Elliott from Bournemouth IT Solutions. Just giving you a quick e-mail to recap what I told you so you can have something to go to Paypal with.

We received the money ($6000) through Paypal from Francisco Cortez on the premise of him paying for bulk laptop repairs. He then asked us to forward it to his suppliers to get the laptops, so we put the money into our business account and transferred it through. At this point I grew a little concerned and called Paypal to ask if we were in any danger, I was informed by a Paypal employee that there was no way they could claim the money back at all.

A week later we received an E-mail from Francisco claiming to be a third entity who had been scammed into buying parts from Francisco and given our Paypal address, at which point our Paypal account was deducted the $6000 and put into minus figures. I then rang Paypal and quoted the earlier employee, asking for an explanation at which point I was told it was simply a temporary deduction put onto our account while the transaction was under doubt, they then set our account back to normal figures and we were told that there would be no future action, that "Paypal do not get involved in disputes between buyer and seller and that it would have to be settled by the other party via court proceedings. "

Please let me know how you get on with this and getting to the bottom of the Francisco business, here's hoping this helps a little.

Kind regards

Elliott Freemantle"

I will be contacting Paypal today and put my case forward to have this Paypal debt removed, thanks Elliot.

After speaking to Paypal, they explained that they would never have resolved IT Solutions case without them paying Paypal back as in my case, so no change with Paypal. I have left Paypal with my crime number and updated the police with all that has happened up to now and await a response.

LATEST UPDATE 29/03/2014

I now know that alias Francisco Cortez (alias Michael Smart) is in fact a Nigerian Scammer called Ifeanyi Okoro of Room 3 Sukal Apartment, Gulseren, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. Telephone: 905338801402.

He runs a phoney website (hightechtelecomtechnologyDOTCOM), if anyone has the misfortune to contact him to buy anything, he sets up the deal, hooks in computer repair companies in the UK to accept a payment from the buyer via Paypal.

He befriends women on the internet, involves them in a relationship, then gets the repair company to send the money to the girlfriend and cons the girlfriend with his money laundering scheme by getting them to send him the money and he thinks he's in the clear. Well no more...Inevitably, the computer repair companies get hit with a chargeback via Paypal from the original buyer.

He also uses Skype under username futurebillionaire1, there is more than likely others, Nigerian Scammers are usually quite sophisticated in their ways, but this one is not slippery enough for me.

I wonder why he's not answering my calls, because he is a coward and is trying to run and hide, well I am going to expose you at the highest possible level. I have an abundance of evidence against Ifeanyi Okoro for the relevent authorities should they take an interest as ActionFraud doesn't seem to want to bother.

Local & national Cypriot media and police informed.

Ifeanyi Okoro has taken his Facebook account down...

LATEST UPDATE 19/07/2014

After requesting help from MP Catherine McKinnell, my case is being looked in to. Catherine has requested Paypal take another look in to my case and also Actionfraud to explain why no "action" has been taken when they have been given a wealth of information regarding this international fraud as it was happening.

The Escalation team at Paypal have been in touch and asked me for a in depth explanation in to what really happended, finally Paypal have taken the time to listen instead of being initially obtuse. They have went away to investigate further and will get back in touch.

Awaiting a repsonse from Catherine regarding Actionfraud.

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