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On many occasions I have purchased items that were advertised as first class postage and paid for them with Paypal. Items that are sent without a tracking number and are paid for with Paypal are open to fraud. Here's what happened to my Brother: He sold a mobile phone for £80 advertising it as first class postage and accepting payment via Paypal. 24 hours after the auction ended, he received angry calls from the buyer complaining that he had not received the phone, at this point, the item had not been posted. My brother naively had considered eBay's policy of proof of postage to be sufficient and had posted the item first class. Within 48 hours an item not received claim was instigated through Paypal. This eventually resulted in the funds being returned to the buyer. In several conversations with the youngster / phone buyer, it was obvious he had received the item and was lying through his teeth. If you do not send items recorded or tracked you are effectively offering them for free to scammers. Paypal require a tracking number in order to offer sellers any protection. It costs less than a pound. Hypothetically if one were to trawl eBay looking for high value items that were open to Paypal payment and were offered with simple first class postage you would find many items open to fraudulent abuse.
Sell with confidence, offer a tracking service.
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