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This guide is in r3elation to PayPal Seller Protection when sending parcels to USA through ROYAL MAIL. PayPal want proof of posting if a problem occurs. Hope this helps

I recently had an issue with a product sent to the USA  the item paid for through PAYPAL, for all of you who do not know this Paypal offer a "SELLER PROTECTION" service. based on products upto £125.00 anything over and you MAY NOT be covered - unless you have PROOF of POSTING - SIGNATURE and this IS required. Now as you are sending your parcel to the USA I would recommend that you use Recorded Signed For International Service. This is because the Royal Mail have an agreement with America that they WILL get a signature, however you will not be able to TRACK or SEE the signature on the ROYAL mail TRACKING SYSTEM..........

What you need to do is go to the USPS website 

just type in USPS and find the track and confirm

here you can trace your parcel to its destination. America are kind enough to use the recorded delivery Royal Mail numbers on their tracker.  again you WILL NOT get a signature of the buyer, however there is a route you can take. Find the office where the product was sent from in the states  - it will be stated on the tracking documentation and RING THEM, explain to them what you need - ( a copy of the signed for parcel) they will put you intouch with a member of staff that handles Signed For Documents, HE will email you a copy. In some states you will have to pay a small fee approximately 2-5 dollars  = 1-2 £'s.

Now you have the amunition for PAYPAL and a way to secure your SELLER PROTECTION.

I do hope this helps .



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