PAYPAL - another CON!!

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I sold a pair of Diesel Jeans on ebay for £40 to Louise Renner (Shame on u!), and i received the money in my account via paypal.  5 days later Paypal reversed the transaction and sent the money back to the buyer because she'd paid for this item fraudulently!  So the buyer received a pair of jeans for free basically!  When contacting Paypal they said i wasn't covered and didn't have a leg to stand on and to contact the buyer myself!  I'm absolutely digusted with Paypal, i thought the whole idea was to be the middleman and safegaurd us from fraudelent transactions.  They made the mistake by accepting they money, Paypal should be chasing the buyer, instead she's got a free pair of jeans and my paypal account is in red! GREAT! 


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