PAYPAL is not secure as it say it is

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The reason of writing this review to inform ALL ebayers that Paypal is not secure way of payment as it says.
I am also trading on eBay selling and buying goods. The most time I do purchases of the mobile phones which are around £400-£500. I had already been robed off by two sellers, one of them sold me £310 Nokia Sirocco
Another one Nokia Sapphire ARTE 8800 £540. Imagine both items didn't turned up and all I have got was from Paypal £160 from the first seller, £0 (ZERO) from the second. I am still waiting for my money,
And Paypal says they can't do any thing against these sellers.
It won't effect to credit history, the police or other credit collectors will not bother to chase them.
It only can effect if that person will start to use Paypal again so they will block the payment until they make full refund but it can take month or years.
I had offered to Paypal not to let seller to clear out the funds until buyer is satisfied or at least received the item.
And the answer was negative they only do it to new sellers on eBay.
But if they will start to do these many of those fraud and scams will be wiped off the eBay.
And it would be safe place to trade for genuine ebayers.
And last thing if you buy an expensive item no meter how long was the ebayer on the system check if you are protected up £500 (it will say on the listing) by Paypal.
Normally you would be protected up to £150 unless seller has reputation.
I hope that my review will help to someone to trade on ebay.
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