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Playing games on the PC is great! Especially as the choice is endless and you can pick up some real bargains on ebay. This guide is to help you choose the best game for you with the limited amount of information found on ebay. Perhaps you know nothing about a game but it is only being sold cheap, will it be a waste of money or a bargain custom designed for your needs? This guide is here to help you.

Firstly what do you feel like? Ploughing into a crowd with a massive arsenal of firepower after a rubbish day at the office / school / work? First person shooters / shoot em ups with help you out. Perhaps your the more concerning war gamer, where precice military strategy and thinking are required to lead your armies to victory, strategy games are for you. Like sport, perfect your skills by playing and watching the proffessionals in sport games. There are loads on offer!

The best indication of gameplay and a game is the screenshots. look at the screenshots of a game. These will give the greatest indication and the closest thing to playing the game. But what are we looking for?

  • - Graphics - Excellent graphics will make a game so much more fun, also your graphics cards will have a banquet on the rich array of colours and textures to make gameplay more exciting.
  • - Inventory / Control Panel - Is this what you want? Are there too many controls to make the game fun? are there too little? are there enough weapons? too little? look at the panels closely to see these match up to your specs.
  • - Special effects! Some cheeky monkey will capture the bits of a game that will make the magic of it all. Look at the special effects in some screenshots to tell you a bit about what your in for. Can you see yourself in a mirror? Can you see shadows? Realistic spashes of water? Funny little quirks? Perhaps funny titles of books on a bookshelf?

Finally other peoples reviews of the game, these can be good or bad. We all know we are all different, some people like apple pie and custard, some people dont. For this reason take reviews lightly. If there are a hundred reviews telling you that the game is really bad / good then that is a very good indication of what the game will be like.

Always check that your disks play well and their are no scratches on the disk and that the disk is not a copy.

I never sell copies and always put on some screenshots of the games to give buyers a good indication of the game. I wish all sellers did this as it would make life that little bit easier.

Finally! Happy Bidding! and Happy Gaming!

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