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I made a mistake the other day when bidding on a game i thought it was the disc case and everything as it was described YOU ARE BIDDING ON A BRAND NEW PC GAME,it wasn't untill my wife looked at the listing as it seemed quite cheap for a brand new game, that she saw it was for the DISC only also it was being imported from Asia no box or instructions.

I had not read the very small print well hidden within the listing (my fault i admit) but it was really hard to spot as it was the first game i was looking to buy from ebay i assumed you would get what you thought you were paying for (again my mistake).

By this point i had already clicked buy now so just left it and thought well lesson learned, but when the game arrived it would not even load so i had to email the seller, who informed me it needed a code to activate it and the game could only be played through (STEAM).

I put the code in and it took over 2 hours to load the game by which point i was really frustrated as every gamer knows when you get a new game you cant wait to play it.

The game eventually loaded so i could play it , but i could only play online by steam but it is not an online game, it was cheap so it seems you do get what you pay for.The next time i will read the description all the way through and really read the small print, after all the aggro i would have preferred to spend the extra and buy the original boxed game.

So please look at the whole description when buying games off ebay, the small print will be quite low in the listing and really WELL HIDDEN if they are from china or asia id pretty much assume they will be fakes,or will arrive with just the disc no box or instructions.

Good luck fellow gamers i hope this guide may avoid you being caught out like i was and ending up with an item that is not all it seemed.

Cheers from deano.

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