PC GAMES - troubleshooting & getting PROBLEMS sorted

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Hiya ,

nice of you to stop by and see what I say ..........

pc games are great , if you can get them working on your pc .

One thing that is in a PC games favour is there is no regional rubbish -like you get on  playstations ,psps , dvd drives , etc ....if it works here , it'll work in the USA ,Japan ,OZ , Belgium .Russia ........everywhere

Right , you want a game for your pc then - one to enjoy and play , maybe for you , perhaps for the kids /son / partner ........

Several things you need - the spec of the PC your're going to play it on ( processor or cpu speed , graphics card(mb ) ram  (mb) and how much h/drive space  you have )
(Not that this should be a problem with a new windows 10 PC - the problems should be  compatibility -with older games - in that instance GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND -  

Just type in the  name of the game - compatibility and windows 8 or 10 and the answer , should be one , will appear)
by the way , I'm told 10 is a lot more friendly for games than 8 was 

it should be under system management in the help and support tab and to check it against the manaufacturers RECOMMENDED not MINIMUM specs for the game - its usually on the back in teeny tiny writing 

so what game to play - well,its governed by the specs you  just collected from your machine - you cant play owt bigger better or faster than what you got there ..........


so finding the right game .............

I try  - to avoid as many of the people who cant be bothered to post a proper picture of the game your after - after all would you buy a car off a bloke if he said when you came to look at the car . its the same as in the brochure ..........yeah,right ! I'm gonna have that then ,no worries !!!

Dont  be afraid to ask questions - but if you can , do your own research - use google , check out similar games on the bay .you'll more than likely find  the info you need , not what the seller wants to tell you ................look at the manufacturers website and use his F.A.Q.'s -see if it needs a left handed south facing gardening fork to work properly ( its not a s daft as it sounds - some games wont run on certain makers graphics cards ......).


theres one other thing to do as well , INSTALL THE LATEST DRIVERS FOR YOUR KIT .

MOTHERBOARDS and GRAPHICS cards get their drivers updated  regularly to imporve their performance on new games or on new aspects of the shaders etc .

I recently updated my drivers for my cards and then found my manufacturer had specifically designed SLI drviers for his brand of cards -it made a heck of a DIFFERENCE


OPERATING SYSTEMS are one of the BIGGEST sticking points for successful playing of games - VISTA being fairly notorious for being unfriendly to older games - even in some cases games that could be played on xp !

if you have XP : or WINDOWS 7 .8 or even windows 10

 YOUR STILL NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET ........ heard of dosbox ? its a program you need to run very old (but very good ) DOS games - dont worry ,its free . but you might need it .OR COMPATIBILITY mode on xp will let you run windows 98 & 95 games in many instances.

windows 7 has this facility too  but ONLY on w7 ULTIMATE 

GOOGLE  is a godsend too , type in XP patch  if your having problems , theres almost certainly a solution out there for you.

or at least someone who has had the same problem you have and what they did to fix it

serial numbers can be a bind ALSO -  remember some are CaSE sEnsITive and you need to type them in as you see them - sometimes you need the dashes between the letters sometimes not - dont give up after one attempt .For some WIERD reasoning sometimes manufacturers use letters that look similar to others  some ESSES and fives LOOK nearly identical , sometimes its R's AND  A's  that look the same . SO experiment , dont give up .

but more importantly if you intend to play this online -DONT buy a USED game and expect it to be unregistered ( It might be  ,in fact a lot are , but DONT count on it )

worse still there are a bunch of games out there that once registered - need the original LOGIN and PASSWORD used to work -

every game on STEAM is registered to the PC it was installed on , without its UNIQUE steam login and account details its about as much use to you as a chocolate fireguard

I'm talking half life 2 , battlefield 2142 , world of warcraft etc ,Modern warfare 2 -and so on - MOST online games have this paticular quirk to them - if you can't get  the login and password off the guy who's selling it - LEAVE it there  - YOU'LL  BE WASTING YOUR MONEY .


Here's one even I didn't account for first time round , FALSE POSITIVES warnings given by your ANTI virus Software. The trouble with Anti Virus software is the very thing it does is warn you about viruses 

Yeah, I KNOW theyre supposed to do that but some of the best examples ( NORTON, KASPERSKY , BITDEFENDER ) are intent on creating a certain amount of furore each time they find something,

Just like your dog fetching the ball and then dropping it at your feet , with a tail going like a helicopter - it wants recognition  for having found a perceived problem. IF it found these and just swept them away without telling you , you might (at RENEWAL time) think why should I get it again , I DIDNT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS  in the last 12 months -SO its in their own interests to create a bit of panic by flagging up problems that might not be problems.

A FALSE positive is just such an instance, where it believes a few lines of code written within a game are SIMILAR but not the SAME as a previously discovered piece of MALWARE or VIRUS.

WHAT TO DO , dont ignore it , GOOGLE for known problems with (GAME) and your chosen flavour of AV.......... Its a racing cert that you wont be the first to find a problem and usuallly its been documented, perhaps on the actual website FAQ's 

Remember, its not a virus , its a warning it MIGHT be ......... I got a neg for this recently from a guy as he wasnt as savvy as most and BELIEVED the AV he paid for was telling the truth , the fact it was a MICROSOFT game should have had some sort of alarm bells going that something was odd .

previous known issues with games include VIETNAM purple haze edition, DELTA force XTREME , RED alert 2 YURI'S revenge and Rise of Nations GOLD . 

THESE games may not flag up on EVERY AV , or even now where previously they did - AV's GET UPDATED REGULARLY  and issues once found are usually taken care of  or excluded by the software 


I'm sure there may be other problems not covered by this guide but 80 % of all pc problems stem from the ones i told you about here ,

hope this helps you avoid a few basic pitfalls in buying software for your machine

I know it sounds a little daunting but these are no more than wrinkles for the THOUSANDS of great games out there 96 % f which you'll play no problem first time out  

if this helped , give me a tick please

cheers ,

and Happy PROBLEM free gaming to you all .


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