PC Hardware Card Build Sequence

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Welcome to our Tutorial for a PC card build sequence. Sometimes when a PC crashes using Microsoft Products as a result of an installation of a new piece of hardware. Or you have decided to give your PC a complete overhaul. There is a sequence to installing your cards if you are using Microsoft Windows 95 onwards. This is especially relevant and pertinent to Windows 98 that was built as an operating system in FAT format and not NT. You will be so surprised by the performance improvements, but only conduct this activity if your PC is being re-built. If it's working now the secret is to leave it. The first card that is required is your Network Card if you are sharing a network and it gives you the opportunity to get access to downloaded drivers possibly stored on a server or another compatible shared PC. The second card is Modem or Broadband access in the event of having to download drivers for your new build. Thirdly is then the Graphics card if not part of the USB set up in the Motherboard and then media cards. Always remember to remove all leads and power and to use rubber gloves as PC's will retain electrical currents and the bolts I can assure are not pleasant. Have Fun! PS: Don't naturally assume that a manufacturer or builder of a PC has the correct sequence, as sadly it is a fact they are not always correct.
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