PC Software Selling to overseas

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I sell almost anything, I have been selling online since 2002 and offline for years before that.

I sell many things in my eBay store, from software, ebooks to baby items this has prompted me to write many of my own ebooks, some of which are on eBay selling and product finding.

One of the questions I receive a lot is on retail software and even been stated to "....I heard that PC games in the UK are not compatible in the US....." this is complete myth of course.

The problem has been caused by console games and film DVD's being region specific with PAL being the standard in the UK and Europe and NTSC in the USA.  So yes it is true a Playstation game in the UK will not work in the USA, but this is not true for UK PC games or MAC games for that matter.  It is forgivable that the US folks have confussion with the many different area conflicts depicted in the afore mentioned console and DVD markets although these misgivings are misguided of no fault of their own, it does affect sales to overseas when selling from the UK and Europe.

The purpose of this guide is to inform you of this oversight and make things easier for selling games or software to overseas markets.

Remember DVD and CD based games for the PC and MAC will work on any PC or MAC worldwide.  - It does help sales to put a statement on your listings to state this.

By. Roger Cater

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