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Psion were the first and best handheld computers

 Their innovative designs and intuitive layout have not been bettered

The Psion is the only real handheld that included a keyboard

 Modern PDAs are a stylus type keyboard which are slow and inefficient

Yes, you can buy a keyboard but have to pay £30 +

Today you can buy a psion 3c 2mb for that

The Psion range has been extensive and truely innovative

From the Model 1 right up to the Netbook and more

If you want a good handheld computer at a fraction of the modern PDA price, look no further

Ideal for taking notes in meetings and producing spreadsheets


The first and still the best handheld computers pocket money can buy


So what are the things you should watch out for?


Organiser II


The main problem will be battery leakage. Check the battery compartment

Ensure datapack covers are intact


All 3 series


Hinges are easily damaged if abused. Look for give in the hinges as this is a sure sign of possible damage and impending failure

A broken hinge is easily recognisable

The screen cable can wear so watch out for dead pixels and lines across the screen

The battery spacer can break so ensure it is intact. Watch out for repairs. These can be very good or poor

The task bar can malfunction so ensure all the buttons open the associated programme. In most cases the far right button does not activate a programme. This is normal, not damage


3C and 3mx with backlight


The backlight can sometimes fail so ensure it works




The dreaded stickies. This is very common and is caused by use. Difficult to avoid but in some cases it is so bad you may need to remove the rubber coating




The battery cover can break easily thus preventing the machine from keeping closed

The hinges can be damaged but less so than the 3 series




The battery goes flat after time in many cases. Not easy to replace so be very careful about battery life


Series 5


The coating is prone to pealing so be aware of the condition


Series 5 and 5mx


The screen cable is prone to wear so again watch out for lines on the screen

Ensure the backlight works and the touch screen

The hinges and opening mechanism are more reliable than the 3 series but ensure there is no damage

The stylus is prone to not clicking back. be aware of this


Series 7


Be aware of the condition of the leather case

The record function is prone to malfunction so ensure it works

The screen calibration can malfunction so ensure it works

Screen cable problems are much rarer but can still be in issue

Battery life is very reliable but ensure it fully charges and keeps the charge




Be aware of DIY upgrades these are good but they are not exactly the same so ensure it is stated that the machine is an upgrade. They should be cheaper than a genuine Netbook


Finally the Ericsson clone


This is a very good piece of kit and is the same as a 5mx but better

The programmes are much better

It is fully compatable with the 5mx but often cheaper as it is not listed as a 5mx

Grab these as they are a bargain


I hope you find this guide useful when looking at buying a Psion PDA





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