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I just wanted to inform people who are new to ebay about people who over charge at extortionate rates for postage.

For a normal PS2\PS1 game in a bubblewrap envelope through royal mail will usually cost you £0.74p,  the average price ive found on here is around £1.75.

When looking at the bigger items to buy, i.e. games consoles, with the exception of one i have sent to a buyer, the rest have cost me either £6 or £8 to send via royal mail standard parcels.  I have found people will just charge £10 as this would seemingly be easiest for them than working it out!!  If you have a games console with alot of items, you can get Parcel force 24, which i think up to 30Kg only costs £11.99, i only ever had to send up to 10Kg so unaware if it would cost more for over that weight.

I think it is wrong to massively overcharge on the postage and this is what can also prevent you as a seller from gettingbids on your items, it is worth that extra 5 minutes spent weighing the item to see how much it is going ro be to post so that you can explain this to the people who are buying your items.  Also buyers, if you dont buy from the people who massively overcharge on postage well then theyre going to keep massively over charging arent they!!

Please, please lets do something about postage prices!!

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