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This is to advise that you will find many people on ebay selling these so called performance mods / mod chips which increase your cars BHP. My advise is simple. Do not buy these unless you want to spend hundreds/thousands in repair bills. The reason for this is because they are a resistor which connect to your air flow sensor on your car. The air flow sensor checks to see how much air is comming into the engine and its tempreture. these so called bhp chips adjust the signal and give the engine the wrong signal. this causes the engine to run leaner and with a faster timing. As this is a false reading it can cause your engine to fail.

Their is a reason why these modbhp chips are cheap as they are rubbish and trust me the sellers know they are rubbish and they wouldnt put it in their cars.

An actual chip where your cars computer (ECU) is remapped cost allot more money. However this is the safest and most econimcal way to increase your power. If this is what you want to do. then i would recommend you contact a specailist who deals with your make of car. if you dont know where to find one just do a search on google or go to a forum dedicated to your car and put up a post and you should get the right answer.

In conclusion their is no quick way of increasing the power in your car without spending some real money with the right companies/people.
if you have any questions just send me a message and i will do my best.

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