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One of the biggest issues concerning purchasing electrical goods or personal care products are products that have fake "brand names" or products that are 'factory returns' that are 'used' 'opened' or tampered with.

The majority (about 95%) of these fake and fraudulent products have been coming out of China and other sellers selling £100 branded products for £20 (sorry you aint gonna buy a new braun top of the line shaver for £20). You name it, Braun, Philips, Remington, Scherna, etc, and list goes on.

Many products on ebay that are too cheap to be true are often graded, this means that the product is a return or damaged product which has been refurbished (do you really want to use a toothbrush that has been used by someone else??) opened or modified.  This sadly is the case for many products being sold on ebay, always make sure that your able to return faulty items before buying anything from a seller.

If a seller refuses to take returns or ignores emails then you should not deal with them regardless of there products and prices

It is pretty easy to spot out this scam. Here are a few ways that you can spot them out,

1. The listing is from China

2. They give large % discounts in shipping for larger purchases

3. They have many of the same listing over and over again with the same pictures from different sellers.

4. They have private feedback (they do this because of people leaving feedback about being scammed)

5. They have ridiculously low selling prices (sorry, you can't get a new 8995 braun shaver for £10)

6. There is no returns policy

7. There is no warranty

8. Don't be fooled by sellers being verified, a powerseller, and or having an about me page!

9. Nine times out of ten, the product is in the wrong category

10. If you are still not sure about the authenticity of a product , ask the sellers specific questions

11.  Read the descriptions carefully and beware of buying refurbished, graded items and surplus stock.  The quality is often low on such products

Knowing full well that I was going to get scammed with a dodgy import I decided to buy a Philips Smart touch xl from a china seller to inspect the quality - and of course it was a fake replica.  The motor didn't even work and the head fell to pieces when I took it out of the box.  The colour was spray painted on (there were numerous smudge marks) and I had wasted £50 (a genuine Philips Smart touch shaver retails for £220). 

I was also scammed before when buying an electric toothbrush.  The price was £20 below the rrp (which was £30 - I paid £10, thinking I got a great bargain) - it arrived used.  There was debris in the bristles and the hygeine seal was broken.  To make matters worse the seller refused to refund or replace - Always make sure the seller stands by there products and offers a returns policy and warranty

Please just be safe on Ebay, check the products and use common sense

-Subraj Direct

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PLEASE READ: It appears that the scammers are the only people who are not finding this guide helpful. This scam is effecting 100's of people daily. Please vote "Yes" for this guide below to help others from getting scammed and making the Ebay community even better!

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