PGA Advice/Guide to Buying Golf Bags

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Stand Bags

Stand Bags are typically alightweight because they are designed to be carried and then be propped into a slightly tilted standing position via the aid of an attached stand. Despite their lightweight build, Stand Bags can typically hold a full set of golf clubs and feature essential pockets for your golf balls and valuables. Some models also feature one or two larger zippered pockets suitable for holding apparel or a set of waterproofs. When looking at a Stand Bag, you should consider the type of strap it has (single or double strap) and how easy and comfortable it will be for you to manoeuvre. Additionally, you want to keep an eye out for any little extras such as a rain hood to keep your golf clubs dry in a downpour, an umbrella holder and towel ring.

Trolley/Cart Bags

Trolley Bags are designed to fit on a pull or electric trolley so you can pull your golf clubs along behind you. As you don't have to carry this bag on your shoulder, Trolley designs are typically heavier and sturdier than Stand Bags and typically have more pocket space for any additional gear you might need. However, they should still come with a single padded strap to enable you to manoeuvre your bag from your car to your golf cart. They should also have convenient little extras such as the umbrella holder, rain hood and bottle holder. This type of golf club carrier is designed to sit properly on your cart, allowing easy access to your golf clubs and essential front pockets. When searching for your perfect Trolley Bag, be sure to consider whether it will sit properly and securely on your trolley.

Golf Tour Bags

A Tour Bag is the crème de la crème of golf equipment carriers; designed to provide the exceptional storage capacity and performance that a touring golf professional would demand. As such, these bags are much bigger, sturdier, more aesthetically pleasing and almost certainly more expensive. They are also typically designed to be carried rather than pulled on a trolley. In addition to their other excellent features, they are also much heavier than a typical carry bag. Manufacturers have designed some truly stunning Tour Bags, so be sure to consider how much weight you are willing to carry before you allow yourself to be seduced by the performance and glamour of these gorgeous golf bags.

The Pencil Bag

A Pencil Bag is designed to fit about a half set up golf clubs and is perfect to keep in the boot of your car for those impromptu practice sessions. Some manufacturers advertise these bags as being able to carry a full set, but bear in mind that they are very lightweight, have a small strap to carry so are more suitable as a second, lightweight option rather than your primary bag. Pencil Golf Bags are typically made to a high quality and feature sporty good looks, as well as a few useful little pockets to hold your tees and golf balls.

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