PGA Pro Advice on Drivers and Fairway Woods

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The good news is that drivers in the marketplace today are easier than ever to hit. You should never underestimate the importance of splashing out on a good one. In the past new golfers were initially introduced to a 3 wood as it was easier to hit straight, this is not necessarily the case. Try going straight for a driver. Many people now find drivers just as easy, if not easier, to hit off the tee than a 3 wood. The advantages of a driver are the huge clubhead (up to 460cc), large sweet spot on the face and the all important ability to hit the ball a lot further than a 3 wood.

There are many different types of driver and technology on the market. From the top brands we have moveable weight technology that allows you to vary the trajectory of your shots by adjusting the weights in the head of the club. There are square drivers that increase the MOI (moment of inertia) of the club head, thus increasing the resistance to twisting and resulting in straighter shots even if you don't catch the ball in the centre of the club face. We also have a multitude of miracle metals and composite materials that promise lighter, faster, stronger performance and all sorts of other claims that you know you want to be a part of.

Leading brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway Golf, Cleveland, and Cobra make fantastic drivers so you can't go too far wrong here with us at thegolfsupermarket. Other good value drivers can be found from Ben Ross, Hippo.

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