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I have a total fear of spiders; the phobia is called Arachnophobia and is one of the commonest phobias around so I'm led to believe.

I don't only fear spiders I HATE them!!!

It goes back to my childhood when I was woken up one night.  We lived in a rambling old house in the middle of the countryside and at night it was pitch black as there was no street lighting.

As I said I was woken up this one night and could feel something crawling on my left leg.  I knew I had to get the light on and somehow managed to get my bedside light on and pull back the bedclothes.  On my leg, to my horror, was this HUGE spider!  I screamed (no sound came out) and with one leap was airborne and out of my bed running for the door.  Once into the corridor I kept on screaming but couldn't hear myself.  This was not because I was making a deafening noise but the fact that no noise was coming out of my mouth at all; I was completely mute!

After what seemed like an age my Mother emerged from her bedroom and saw me shaking from head to toe, pointing towards my bedroom  She called my Father and between them they tried to understand what I wasn't saying to them.

To cut a long story short I've been terrified of spiders ever since.  Some people are embarrassed by their fears but I intend to hang onto my phobia to my dying day!  I don't think that is irrational at all and I have no intention of trying aversion therapy; no siree!

The very thought of holding Terry the Tarantula in the palm of my hand and saying 'oh, isn't he sweet and I'm over my paralysing fear of spiders' is never going to happen.

To top it all off we live in the Fenlands where one of the biggest blooming spiders is indigenous to the area.  Man, this spider has boots on and can move like greased lightening!

If I see one, however, I simply scream for my partner to come and remove the offending object and peace and tranquility is restored to our household again.  One thing I've found through my phobia is my voice which rings out loud 'n clear to signal danger is near!

So, I think some phobias are 'cool' to hang on to and are part of who we are as a human being.  You shouldn't be afraid, ashamed or shy to say 'I'm frightened of spiders, clowns, heights etc'.  Maybe if a phobia is completely debilitating then help should be sought because life is meant to be lived and not feared.

So, don't be afraid to admit you're afraid!  We are only human after all!



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