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I thought that it was preferable to show you the visual differences between True and False perfume Chanel Coco Miss after being trapped

Color of the spray and setting different from the plastic tube inside the bottle

Plastic stopper for the Fake one


Broad stringcourse for the fake

Engraving under the bottle of bad quality for the fake

Logo Coconut Centered for the forgery

White setting of the stringcourse on the stopper for the forgery

Fund of the thick bottle for the forgery

Irregular plastic stopper for the forgery


1. To be made send photographs of the bottle on sale and be very attentive with the details which make the difference, for example the stringcourse on the very visible bottle, it is then enough to look at.  If the salesman does not answer you or does not want to make you photographs, mistrust, mistrust. Check on the sites of the salesmen, that becomes obvious… with an informed eye!!
2. To buy testers not copied…
Be vigilant… and good purchases and if you appreciated this guide, made the knowledge and vote for me… I prepare another of them on other forgeries!!
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