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Hi everyone, I have complied this list of fake ugg australia boots pictures being sold as genuine on the uk ebay site. If you see a seller with these pictures they are 100% fake. If the seller is genuine they will not be using pictures of fakes! Bear in mind it might be an honest seller selling with use of someone elses pics but that is 0.1 % of them or indeed a buyer of them who really does believe they purchased a genuine pair, the rest are sellers from UK (sadly) USA and CHINA predominantly and they fully know they are bad fakes hence the ridiculous prices. I see people paying top prices for these on auction though  and it is very sad. Here they are in their full glory as follows:  these (uggs) have tags and bags, real ugg australia boots by deckers do not. these fakes are made of hard suede and synthetic inners, the ones you see here without tags are all wrong at the heel area, too wide and the wrong colour for real deckers ugg boots. If you want real ugg boots do not waste bids on any that are being pictured as above even at a low price they are quite frankly hugely inferior. I have no problem with any seller listing ugg boots like these if they would be honest and state they are not real uggs, but sadly they try to pass them off as genuine, that is very wrong and also a trademark violation and an ebay seller serious offence. It is against ebay regulations to sell counterfeit goods,hope this helps at least a few buyers avoid being duped. thanks xxxx
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