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There are a number of fakes and look a likes for sale:

BEWARE of any PING  being offerred on ebay: there are genuine clubs being offerred but there are several fakes and look alikes. Selling a look alike even without describing it in words is illegal. Pictures of a  club which leads people to believe it to be a genuine Ping are as illegal as the written word--a deception is intended.


Don't be fooled into believing that the look a like is as good as the real product. It most definitely is not. The  fakes are put together with inferior material and inferior finish  which adversely affects the performance of the club and will ruin your enjoyment of a great game for certain

All Pings can be traced by reference numbers on the hosel.

Before bidding on any Ping club ask for these reference numbers and in the case of the old style wooden headed KARSTENS ask for plate details and serial numbers.

Armed with that information vist PINGGOLF official web site and do your research. If you cannot find the answer you want send a question.

Ping usually reply very fully within a couple of days.

If it turns out that the PINGS being offerred on ebay are false tell the vendor and report the details to Ping whose legal department is active in the  fights agaisnt copies and look alikes.  Tell the vendor that in your opinion he is selling fake clubs  and that he should desist thereform. You can also  state that PING  are aware of the sale.Report it to EBAY. After a recent ruling in France they have a duty  to ensure only genuine product is sold.

After reporting the matter to Ping you will probably not be told again what is happening but you can be assued they  are chasing each report received.


Your small contribution will help to eradicate these fakes,




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