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Yes! plain and simple "wii" game?

I went to a well known and popular "brand name" shop to purchase a wii for my son for xmas, i nearly died! a few weeks ago they were going for £199.99 now they are going for an astonishing £300.00? as they are limited stock, and few are left in the shops. Well! blow me down with a feather! £300.00? how can that be justified? the sales assistant ecplained  that they may go up in price the next day, or the day after that? she went as far as saying  as it is close to xmas and people are desperate to buy a wii, they will go up in price daily? 

This makes me soooo angry! i am not, under any circumstances, buying a WII for more than the original price! 

I left the shop thinking how can they do that! talk about being ripped off>>>>>>> i went to other "brand name shops" and guess what? they are "all" in on it!!!! 

Ah ha! i thought to myself, EBAY will be selling wii's.

Of course they are selling wii's! on EBAY, and yes! the start up bid is of course .99 pence and yes, your guess is as good as mine, "JOE PUBLIC" are bidding over £350.00 for the wonderful wii?????   one seller cracked me up! as this person stated that they already had a wii and the one they sold was an unwanted gift? (and circled the reciept)? well! sarcasim is not my nature! but here we go!! why offer a reciept, when they could of took the wii back to the shop and got a refund?

Well!!!! that "lil ol wii" went for over £300.00 pounds!!!!  

Now! can someone tell me! WHO IS CONNING WHO?

I know people want to make money and there are always going to be rip off merchants around,  it makes me angry that i can not give my son what he wants for xmas as it is now too expensive, not only for me, but for others that are in the same situation as my self due to other people's GREED?

I am sure i am not the only one to be annoyed over this? Ater xmas they will go back to the original price, but then it will be too late and my son who was so looking forward to a wii will not have one?......... so much for writing a christmas list! and asking father christmas for something you really want?

I have had to work hard and save for something that is now  beyond my financial reach? 

Merry Cchristmas to u all?

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