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                          PAGERS!LATEST INFORMATION!                                                      

Hi this is my guide to pagers,i've been looking at some of the guides already written and have found that some of the information is slightly confusing to say the least!So i've wrote this guide with all the information you need on buying a pager and finding out if it works before hand!

Although  mercury minicall has since long gone the pagers are now on the Pageone network it IS possible to get these reactivated


Just one call to pageone customer services(avaialable at the pageone website or a call to directry inquirys!)and a friendly advisor will help you.So long as you have the pagers number to give to them it will be up and running in seconds!DONT WORRY IF YOU ONLY HAVE THE OLD NUMBER ON THE BACK OF YOUR PAGER THEY WILL SOON TELL YOU THE NEW CODE FOR IT AS ALL CODES WERE CHANGED IN 2000/2001,eg,if your old pager code was 01523then its now prob07623,but as I said don't worry about all that they will help you with all that.The reason I say phone them is because I have recently activated some pagers ready to sell,the first one I tried to do online but just couldn't be bothered with it all to be quite honest!That's not to say you can  be able to do it!So I got their number from the top of the home page and found it much easier talking to someone,and hey presto all done!I do hear that you can activate vodaphone but I think this is purely for rental which you hav to pay.ANYTHING OTHER THAN THESE PAGERS ARE NO GOOD!!(Anything B.T,cello,sony ericsson, and others)If your going to buy a pager always ask for its number and check that you can activate it!Make sure you do your homework first!!!I hope this has been helpfull,good luck!

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