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If you are stuck with some of the fundamentals of eBay - such as listing, selling, scam buyers & sellers, payment methods and basic HTML - here's a collection of popular eBay links, eBay me pages and a few external links (as determined by popularity in the eBay Community) to browse through.

This page has been produced by a collaboration of posters on the 'New to' eBay Discussion Boards - whom are credited at the end of the Guide.

Please click the hyperlinks below to open the relevant page in your internet browser. Clickable links external to eBay cannot be posted in an eBay Guide, but you can copy and paste these links (URLs) into your browser URL window.

Updated May-2010

Fraud / Scammers

How To Deal With Scam Buyers  - *peaseblossom*'s authoritative guide on avoiding and dealing with scam buyers.

red-flags me page - 13 Red Flags that warn you as a bidder that a transaction is fraudulent.

Help with Listing

If your item is not appearing in searches, read this. It may help. - As it sounds - if you can't see your listing in a search.

Adding free photos to your listings - updated May 2008 - How to self-host images and insert them into the listing description for free.

How to select 'No Postage: Local Pickup Only' on a listing   - How to configure your listing for local collection only.

How to select 'Worldwide Postage' (item based in UK)  - How to configure your listing so your item is viewable Worldwide for maximum coverage.

How to Schedule a Listing - How to prepare a listing in advance to go live at a pre-determined date/time.

How to Change the Item Location on a Listing (SYI/TL2) - How to change the item location on a listing.

Help with Selling

Complete Idiots Guide To Selling, Second Edition - violet_clothing's comprehensive guide for those new to selling.

camerajim's me page - How to take good quality photographs of your item.

Payment Methods / PayPal

How to Make PayPal Work for You (UK) - A guide on getting the best out of PayPal. - Seller: eCheques and How to Refund Them Payment Email Received.htm -
Seller: PayPal Payment email Received but no Payment in Account PayPal Payment Email Received.htm -
Seller: No PayPal email Received and No Payment in Account - Uncleared.htm -
Buyer: PayPal Status Pending - Uncleared. With a Cancel Button.htm - Buyer: PayPal Status Pending With a Cancel Button. With No Cancel Button.htm - Buyer: PayPal Status Pending Without a Cancel Button.

How to Link Your eBay Account to Your PayPal Account - If you need to link your accounts (or check they are already linked).

Payment by Direct Bank Transfer - The use of payment by Bank Transfer explored.

Help with HTML

mr_plopster me page - The definitive eBay Guide on basic/intermediate Hypertext Markup Language. - Intermediate/advanced HTML help.


babys*mum me page - Detailed information regarding 'All Things eBay'

innocent*in*mind me page - How to add a signature picture/image/avatar to your Discussion Board posts.

cuddly-hippo me page - IMHO the best Guide to computer links and tips there is.

talkinpeace me page - Help with tax liabilites. - Excellent quick postage cost calculator. - The Royal Mail Price Finder. - HMRC info on tax & duty.

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