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Bidets are a relatively uncommon and unknown term in the United States.
Rather, many are unaware of their usage too. Traditional bidet is a special type of low sink or a low-mounted plumbing fixture.
The main purpose of a bidet is to wash the anus, external genitalia and the skin around these areas thoroughly after urination, defecation, or even otherwise.

To Install a bidet system are extremely expensive in the United States, costing something between $1,000 and $2,000.
However, you can find bidets at many hospitals due to the ease in maintaining high levels of hygiene. Nevertheless, bidet toilets are gaining popularity in the United States recently. Although they are expensive initially, they eliminate the need for toilet paper over time.

In UK, bidets are more popular, toilet seat bidet attachments are also becoming increasingly popular with the aging community.
This bidet unit consists of a special bidet seat to convert an existing toilet seat.  Many are now using these bidet seats to develop better bidet habits. The bidet seat offers enema wash feature too.  Many prefer such a bidet during constipation or diarrhea.
It provides a warm water wash of the rectal area.  This painless system helps in loosening hard feces across colon walls and eases defecation.

Bidets are available in different designs.  Some have a bidet faucet to pour warm water into a china basin.
Some have a nozzle propelling water for cleaning.  Such nozzle could be as an attachment of your toilet.
This can then cleanse only your anus. Some bathroom bidets have two nozzles. A shorter or family nozzle helps in cleaning your anus and surrounding areas while longer bidet nozzle helps women wash their vulvas. Some others have additionally an element under the seat to dry you after washing. These bidets are often controlled by several buttons on a control panel, either electronically or not, rather than with a traditional tap.

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