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I am dedicating this article to every new mother. My aim is  to prove you that YES YOU CAN BE ATTRACTIVE AND SEXY STRAIGHT AFTER YOU HAVE HAD YOUR BABY.

Post delivery girdles, also called maternity girdles,  maternity belts or maternity post-natal belts, are worn by many women after  giving birth.  They wear them on the advice of their doctors or midwives because they can do many positive things for the body like help the healing process and minimize or prevent pain.  Post delivery girdles also help alleviate the symptoms of post delivery stress and minimize discomfort. 

The bulges around the abdomen that you gain during pregnancy can remain forever! Pregnancy hormones ensures good elasticity of the skin, hence it can  stretch very well over your bump. This situation changes after you have given birth.  You do not have pregnancy hormones to keep maximum elasticity of the skin, but you have lots of loose and overstretched skin around your abdomen.  The longer that your skin stays stretched after delivery the more chance you have to acquire permanent bulges around your waistline.  Hence it is essential to help your skin to rest and contract which would allow you to regain your previous shape quickly. Hence you should wear elastic body-shaping briefs or belts specially designed for  new mothers as soon as possible after delivery.

You can wear a belt straight after an uncomplicated delivery (normal or C-section).  A post delivery Support Belt can be worn either over panties, if you are  not comfortable feeling the belt on your skin, or under panties for a better snug fit. We receive hundreds of e-mails each month asking us when to start  to wearing post-natal underwear.  There is no strict answer to this question.  I would advise you to start wearing these garments when your mobility is fully restored and for as long as your need, gradually dropping your size down. 

Mothers who had a very difficult and energy-draining  pregnancy and delivery can also find use for the post delivery girdle. This  specific article of clothing can provide support to the lower back when pressure is applied to this region, like when standing up or  reaching for something.

Post delivery girdles are also ideal for those who need to  shape up and lose weight immediately after giving birth like actresses,  slimming and fitness instructors, and models because this specific type of girdle  also helps flatten the stomach and abdominal area.

Post delivery girdles are usually made from an elastic  material that is not harsh on the skin.  They are usually composed of more than one layer of elastic material to ensure strength and durability.  They are  strapped around the waist area, covering the midsection up to the high end of  the thigh through Velcro closures that make them easy to wear and remove.

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