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Hi i thought id write a guide about my ideas on p&p its quite a debated subject on ebay.

The cost charged on my listings for post includes all post, packadging and handling costs, i do not use my post rates to make a profit or to hide pay-pal and ebay fees.

Packadging materials i use :

Good quality mailing bags in blue, pink and lilac in a varity of sizes ( can buy these on ebay ).

Jiffy bags in all different sizes also avaliable on ebay/post offices and most stationaty shops they also sell them in most £1.00 shops and are just as good quality.

Brown envelopes different sizes normal and hardback ones.

Brown parcel tape and normal cellotape.

Brown parcel wrapping paper.

Return address stickers, these are excellent you can get them already printed with your address on ebay really cheap save lots of time printing out labels.

Bubble wrap.

Marker pens/ normal pens /printer ink/ paper/ labels. 

Hand made jewellery boxes (bought off ebay) or ask friends and relatives to hang onto any old jewellery boxes they have so you have some for if you sell jewellery as people usually throw the boxes away.

So as you can see alot of packing materials is required to make sure parcels get to buyers safely and securley.

Then you have the time involved spent sorting out each item wrapping it carefully, putting on return labels and writing or printing addresses on, then the going to the post office be it walking by car or bus it all takes time, and costs money if you take into account petrol, parking or bus fares.

So when people moan that they have paid more than the exact price they paid for there post costs as what they see on the stamp this is why, it is perfectly within ebays rules to charge a small packing and handling cost and this is why.

Some times sellers can get it wrong with there post costs as i have i admit, i have quoted the cost for say a small parcel price but the post office charge large letter these differences vary from post office to post office.If this does happen i then refund the buyer with the difference it is not done to rip off the buyer, i have also under quoted on post costs aswell i have always covered this myself and would never dream of asking the buyer to pay the extra.

I do not add extra to my postage to cover paypal and ebay fees although some sellers do i personally dont agree with it, it is also against ebays policys to charge a really high post rate but low listing rate this is called fee evasion, as if a seller charges buy now £0.99 p&p £8.99 for say a cd they then pay ebay less fees to list the item and less final value fees when the item sells as the profit are made up from post costs.

You can of course still buy these items but be aware this is why its done this way, as if you wanted to spend a total of  say £10.00 anyway then you still have your item for that price instead of an auction with cd buy now £8.99 p&p 0.99.So its not fair to leave bad feedback as you can clearly see the way its been done yes its wrong but if you choose to buy then you agree the tems and conditions and the excessive post price.

I also give a discount for combined postage as i feel its only fair to pass on the savings to my buyer if they buy multipul items from me, it also saves me extra time wrapping only one parcel instead of two.This saving will be passed on via the end of sale invoice. Not all sellers offer combined postage if it does not say on there listing dont just assume it always ask BEFORE you bid if the seller is willing to offer a discount to combine some will some wont.Also bear in mind with certain items it can actually cost more money to send more than one together so the seller may not combine for that reason.

 The time to look at postage costs is BEFORE bidding if you think they are to high hit the back button.As its too late to bid and win then moan about the post costs when the item arrives, you can always rate the seller down by the star ratings if you feel that strongly about it but i dont feel its a reason to give a netural or negative feedback as you can clearly see the post costs when you bid.

It is the sellers responsibility to get your items to you safely if you take paypal then you dont have to have proof of posting like a normal post office receipt you have to have proof of delivery which is obtained by recorded or special delivery.As if a buyer makes a item not recieved claim and you only have p.o.p the byer will win the case and you will be made to refund by paypal.

So to cover yourself it is always best to send recorded unless its a really low value item that you can easily cover the cost of a refund if need be,you can then always make a claim to royal mail with either your p.o.p receipt or recorded delivery receipt.If you do have to refund a buyer because of non arrival i would refund the buyer first then claim from royal mail so your buyer isnt hanging around for ages waiting for the claim to be sorted out they wont like this.

Always communicate with your buyer remember they have paid money for an item they want and didin't recieve so will not be over the moon about it, but if you deal with the situation well with good communication then hopefully your buyer will be o.k in the end.

I hope this guide gives a good idea on how  much goes into post and packadging, just remember its not just the cost of a stamp.

Thankyou from dean,







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