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Posting & Packing Costs  - Explained.....

This is a simple guide to sellers packing and postage costs on listings

We recently have had a few emails saying our postage costs have been too high, So we thought we would make it clearer for buyers on here what sellers actually charge and why.

Most sellers start at  a very low price like we do, can be anywhere from 15 pence to 99 pence maximium - so we cannot add any fees etc at such a low price from the cost of actually using ebay and posting item.

This is the breakdown of what postage and packing actually is (some buyers feel it should be the price of perhaps just one stamp?)

1. Ebay Selling start fee

2. Final ebay Fee

3. packing Materials

4. Postage Materials - (stamps/labels or post office direct stamps if don't do posting direct)

5. paypal fees on some listings should you pay this way - (paypal don't send money for free afterall)

6. Travel costs to the actual post office

Most ebayers like us don't make very much on one particular sale due to the expenses that we occur.

Please realise in future  for everyone who doesn't realise ,that the postage and packing is there for a reason.

If you don't get your money back for the item whats the point in even doing it in first place - exactly no point.

Most buyers save so much from us, as we do put on sale items that we purchased for alot more than 99pence but no longer require it.

We do give fabulous items at better than shop prices  delivered to your door.

So next time please you see postage at say £3.01, please remember that is cheap for everything the seller has been charged to give you that bargain................................................

We hope you find this guide helpful, please click yes below so more & more people will realise that P&P stands for more than a stamp

:) Have a nice day now

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