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Over the last few years, I have seen some people on eBay, mostly Dealers I might add, use postal charges in order to obtain more profit and to offset PayPal charges.  Also, postal charges are not subject to eBay's commission. This is quite unacceptable and I think eBay should put a maximum postal charge on items like postcards which weigh practically nothing.  I have seen one postcard having a postal charge of £1.25 added whilst 0.65p would have been more realistic.  A dealer selling 4 postcards has a postal charge of £2.50 and when I queried this he told me he believes his price is quite fair.  He includes in his costs 1) Time taken in going to the Post Office, 2) Petrol costs, 3) Parking, 4) PayPal charges, 5) The cost of the envelope and actual First Class Post which is 32p.  He is not alone, just take a look at the postal charges for the thousands of postcards on sale.  I sell postcards and my price is 65p for up to 3 postcards which I believe is fair.  So, before you rush into purchasing a postcard, check the postal charge and if it is excessive, query it with the Seller.  If you cannot get a reduction, as much as you may want the card, don't buy it.

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