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I have been eBaying on a casual ad hoc basis for 5 years.  I have always given my customers the option to choose Special Delivery/Signed For postage cover and state in my selling policy that although it is their choice, delicate items are NOT covered by a Proof of Postage form.

However, recently I have had the bad fortune to come up against an Italian buyer, who not only made a pitiful Best Offer for my items, but then, within 10 days made a claim to Paypal for non-receipt and within 5 days Paypal had refunded him from my account - all of his costs.

I appealed and when I contacted Paypal I was advised that it is Paypal's policy that I must ensure that my buyer receives the item.  Proof of Postage is not worth the paper it's printed on.  Paying for postage via Paypal, which I did, again is no proof of receipt.  Only Proof of Delivery, provided through a tracking number will cover you.

So, fellow eBayers, Watch Out, there's theives about.  This man had nothing else to prove other than tell Paypal he hadn't received the item.  Proof of Postage only works within the UK, so ANYTHING you send abroad MUST be covered by International Signed For insurance.

Don't end up in tears because you have lost a lot of money .... Payal really don't care.

Additional Information:-

You can claim back actual postage and sale price from Royal Mail, so long as you have Proof of Postage - so all is not lost. :)

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