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I have three issues I would like to share with eBay, however I have no power to enforce my opinions on a multi million pound worldwide company.

Therefore who better to share these issues with other than you...


I am often asked after I have posted an item to a customer why they paid more postage for there item than the postage stamp says.

Simple... Firstly I must take time out of my everyday life to purchase the wrapping paper, to wrap your purchase safely, to drive to my local post office and post it. Therefore, not only are sellers going out of there way to list an item of interest, they are paying for the wrapping paper, the bubble wrap and the fuel to drive to a post office, and ok, if they do not drive they are still having to go through the motions of making time to ensure you get your purchase in one piece.

So please, next time you look at the postage charge think again to argue the price.


Before I start ranting and raving on past experiences I want to make 2 points, esspecially fi you are new to selling.

  • Be wary of requests to end auctions early for higher bids/payments.
  • Always check your Paypal account after receiving emails perpetrating to be from Paypal as they may not be. 

OK, now, going on to something that really irritates me...

Being a seller and a buyer means I know how stressful they can both be, however this does not give a seller the excuse to think that the customer needs the seller more than the customer needs the seller, because infact, without a buyer there is no seller.

So, next time you are selling go out of your way to please your customer, wrap there purchase to the best standard possible, answer all questions immidiately, esspecially fi they have purchased something in excess of 60pounds as they do not having a flying pig who you are.

Comfort your customer, ensure they trust what you are selling, saying and doing.

You may disagree as many sellers have often done so. One in particular had these exact words to say (copy&pasted) "why should I reasure you? If ur gona be scared of loosing money then y did u bid? I then told this seller she should empathise with her customers as many buyers have lost alot of money from scam sellers on ebay. She replied (copy&pasted) "Empathise? im a seller not a councelor, ebay is a convinient way to sell my stuff, if u want all the treatment then go to a high street shop".

If a seller can speak to a buyer this way then surely the product is not that worth it, at first I thought the seller was right, if I want all the customer service crap then go to a high street shop, but no, thats so wrong, wherever you are buying from, you must empathise, be polite, understand, help, comfort and reassure your customer, after all, its worth of mouth or positive feedback in this case that leads to better sales.

I have twice refused to purchase something after I have won a bid. My reasons? Sometimes we are un-aware of certain aspects in a listing. I have received negative feedback for refusing to purchase the item however I would rather that then loose out of money. I feel that if you are selling a gold ring to me which is worth lest say 300pounds+ you should ensure I am comfortable in paying by paypal and respond to any security questions I have. Same goes for a phone which I won, claiming to be an upgrade, only to look back on the sellers feedback and see that the same phone was sold twice before an upgrade. Please, please, please comfort and re-assure your customer that parting with there money over paypal is safe, and if it means providing an alternative email address, phone number, address etc then so be it as you would not trust someone fromn the streets, would you?


Finnaly, when buying,

  • beware of scamsters
  • read every last bid of the description and the small print esspecially on items such as a new phone or a games console as it may have all the description of whats in the box but really and truly they could be telling you that thats what WAS in the box, never just scroll through the contents of whats in the box of the brand new phone you want just because you know what it comes with because you may be suprised when the box gets to your door.
  • View any and every advert with suspicion, do paedophile look like paedophile? You may be looking/buying something totally different to what you think. 
  • Research what you are looking for elsewhere and read guides and reviews
  • Dont be scared to look at the sellers/buyers feedback and contact past customers (people who have left feedback) asking what the service and product was like.
  • Always use the Ask Seller A Question link rather than a personal email address to communicate with sellers as this is recorded and will be sent directly to them.
  • Check feedback to see if this item has been sold before if it has conatct the buyer and ask more questions. YOU HAVE EVERY  right to be suspicious, even if they are a power seller. Just think, if a millionaire lost all his money and the only way to get it back was to lie or steal it knowing he will not be caught do you not think he would?.

Finally I want to say that no, I don not write reviews to get lots of votes and seem like a trusted seller buyer, go ahead please, treat me with suspicion too but if you have found thi s review helpful then VOTE YES so more people can read, understand and be aware of what is really going on behind yours and their computer screen.






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