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After trading on ebay for over two years now, i am disappointed to find that ebay are lacking in one aspect in particular.....consideration.
Why? you might ask. well like i stated previously i have sold on ebay for over two years now and have always mantained a 99.7% minimum feedback, taking into account the saying "you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time" and listed at least the minimum amount of items required to have power seller status, (which i might add i had within a few months of starting selling) that is until recently.
I have had a very hectic past couple of months what with moving house and the kids being of school for the summer holidays, subsequently this meant that i didnt have time to put on as many listings as i would have liked, i should point out in fairness to ebay that i did recieve a polite automated email from them, informing me that i hadn't sold enough items in the previous 4 weeks and that my powerseller status would have to be reviewed again in 4 weeks time.
Well as sure as night follows day, ebay were good to their word and  revoked my powerseller status as i hadn't sold the required amount. regardless of the fact that my feedback still had the required percentage and that during that time span i was still paying listing fees for the items i did list regardless of whether they sold or not. and also still paying final sale fees for the things that did sell, ok so maybe some of you are thinking "well its not that a big deal"  and do you know what? your right,  ok so i dont have the fancy logo next to my name now, and i no longer have the right to consider myself a  "powerseller, pillar of the community etc etc" so what am i going to do.........simple i shall rely on what i have always considered important to both  the buyer and the seller "FEEDBACK" it speaks for itself.
I dont know and maybe i could be wrong here , but im sure it wouldn't take that much more time and effort for ebay to send a rather differently worded automated email to the ebay sellers who haven't met with the required number of recent sales,  but can clearly show they have previously worked hard  to gain "powerseller status"  not only should it inform them of ebay's decision to take their "powerseller status" away, but it should also include the opportunity for the seller to respond with any information they would like ebay to take into consideration (should they wish to do so, that is)
Right now that ive got that of my chest i shall go and crack on with my listings, thanks for taking the time to read this......rita

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