PRAMAHOLICS! Anyone had as many as me??!?

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I love all these mums saying theyve had too many prams once they've reached 17-20 in total!

I've had over 200 in the past 3 years now, which if you work it out is 2-3 prams every week!!

I've had just about every make from Jive to Bugaboo!!

I'd love to know what people think is the best one. For me it had to be the Bugaboo. I've come to the conclusion that you don't always get what you pay for with prams and pushchairs. Look at the Mothercare Jive for example. Cheap as chips and just fantastic! I'd never be without one!

Then theres the Quinny Zapp and Buzz. Pure pounds and yet total rubbish!!

Anyone else wish Mutsy baskets were bigger and that they prvided you with a manual on how to drive the dam things!??!

Anyway the search goes on for the perfect pushchair. Not got long before the little one will be walking  so gotta get it done quick!

Gem xxx

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