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I read another eBayer's comments regarding the above with interest.  I have found a certain eBayer, who's items are listed alongside the other guide and warning for all to see, who seems to think it is acceptable to sell a £6 dress for £14.99 buy-it-now.  I believe you can report these con-artists to eBay but am not sure how they deal with it.  I would suspect that Primark themselves can actually become involved as I seem to recall a similar case whereby a major High Street chain became involved to stop these sellers abusing the system and selling their goods for profit.  It is fraudulent and illegal, but what eBay does about it is beyond me, but I would really be cautious about buying Atmosphere clothing on eBay as believe me dresses do not cost £24.99 from there; you can buy a whole outfit plus shoes, belt and bag for £30 all in.  Do yourselves a favour and go down to Primark and check out the prices before you part with any money.  Also be very wary of the Vintage listing as nothing vintage applies to clothing pre 1980's, not last year girls!  Take care and lets keep these bad eBayers in their place!

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